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Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate defends Steam on August 26, pre-order now


Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate, the strategy game at home on PSN, launches on Steam on August 26, with discounted pre-orders available now. Grab the game early for $17 (15 percent off), or grab a two-pack for $29.75 (also 15 percent off).

Tikiman the Forest Defender must defend his forest – fitting name, no? – and protect his offspring from invading monsters, gathering loot and power-ups along the way. The Steam version includes Big Picture Mode, making it playable with a controller, and has singleplayer, local and online co-op with leaderboards. There are also 20 new achievements for 52 total, and Steam Trading Cards and badges.

Remember, kids: Never enter the forest without plenty of water and your Steam Trading Cards.

Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD recently launched for Vita, and is discounted this week for Plus members.

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