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Star Citizen hits astronomical $15 million crowdfunding goal


Chris Roberts' space exploration MMO Star Citizen has eclipsed $15 million through its crowdfunding efforts on its official site. By reaching the landmark funding achievement, players will now find an escort carrier ship in the game, and all backers will receive a 42-page digital upgrade manual that details the ship customization and overclocking process.

The funding initiative has raised an average of $36,249 per day in the last five days, according to Roberts Space Industries representatives. According to Roberts, that's enough to build five separate ships for Star Citizen. Roberts, who pioneered the Wing Commander series, raised over $6 million for Star Citizen in November 2012 on Kickstarter. The developer has added a new funding goal on its site: Should the project reach $17 million, Star Citizen gets a new battlecruiser ship class and all backers will receive a ship upgrade package that includes and engine modifier. The game is slated to lift off in 2014, and an interactive hangar module is expected this month.

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