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The Daily Roundup for 08.01.2013

David Fishman

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You might say the day is never really done in consumer technology news. Your workday, however, hopefully draws to a close at some point. This is the Daily Roundup on Engadget, a quick peek back at the top headlines for the past 24 hours -- all handpicked by the editors here at the site. Click on through the break, and enjoy.

Moto X preview: A Google phone assembled with you, the user, in mind

Motorola. A Google company. It's time to commit that to memory. With the Moto X, a 4.7-inch phone going on sale later this summer for $199 on contract, the company has officially started the shot clock for the "new Motorola"; this is the first Moto product designed from scratch with Google's direct oversight. Read on for our hands-on and first impressions.

Moto X vs the new Droid lineup: fight!

After countless months in hibernation, Motorola has arisen from its deep slumber in a rather major way. The phone maker not only unleashed a full trio of Droid devices last week, it introduced the Moto X, long known as the company's not-so-secret weapon. We've already discussed our impressions of the firstfruits of post-acquisition Motorola, along with its interesting array of color customization options, but we've put together a handy comparison sheet that shows off how the Moto X fares against its Droid-branded brethren. So, do you want to know how they chalk up against one another? Read on to find out.

Deck Bluetooth speaker by SOL Republic and Motorola offers 300-foot range, fits in a pocket

Remember that SOL Republic Bluetooth speaker that made a sneak appearance at Verizon's Droid event? Well, it's actually official now and the company wants to ensure its first foray into audio outside headphones is a success. Dubbed the Deck, the speaker is the result of a team-up between SOL and Motorola, with SOL providing its audio know-how and Motorola handling the wireless connectivity bit. Click the link above for more.

Xbox One cloud servers offer equivalent to 600 percent AI processing boost, claims Forza 5 team

Microsoft already talked up how the cloud component of its Xbox One console will work, but now we're hearing of the benefits from the dev's side. The verdict is certainly positive so far, with Dan Greenawalt, creative director for Forza 5, extolling its virtues, citing it as a "tremendous opportunity" in a recent interview with OXM.

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