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Microsoft deputizes gamers for Enforcement United beta, awards XP for policing trolls


Microsoft wants you to help protect Xbox Live. With the Enforcement United beta, Redmond is using its customers as a first line of defense against online miscreants. If you make it into the testing pool, you'll be giving your opinion on whether or not content on the service violates its code of conduct. At first it's just Gamertags, but given Xbox One's focus on user-made media, that'll likely expand. The united enforcers won't have the last word, of course. Once the query passes through them, it's filtered into an algorithm that determines the next step: either forcing a username change, or escalating the ticket to an actual Microsoft employee for review. What's in it for you? A (hopefully) friendlier Live, and XP that'll move you through the ranks of the Halo owner's gamified participation program, Xbox Community Level. If you get in, we'd appreciate if you went ahead and flagged all those handles with "69" and "420" in them -- trust us, they'll thank you later.

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