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Breakfast Topic: What does your level 90 main character play most?


Remember the days when raiders were considered the hardcore few? Gaming companies have long since realized the folly of spending the lion's share of development time and resources on a part of the game that very few players actually saw. Blizzard's endgame pivot has been among gaming's most energetic, scooping up players who were dawdling their way through alts and levels to slingshot them into the thick of endgame raiding.

Even so, not everyone does the LFR or guild raiding thing. WoW Insider readers are among the game's most experienced, longstanding players, and all those years have given us plenty of opportunity to experience the thrill of downing bosses. Plenty of us are still at it -- but maybe your focus has shifted to something else after all these years. Perhaps you now spend more time on other characters, logging back to your level-capped character only for raids or special events.

If you're still spending most of your time on a level 90 character, though, what's your gig? If you're an altaholic or you don't consider your level 90 main to be the primary character you play, this isn't the survey for you; we want to hear from people who spend the majority of their time playing level-capped characters. What keeps your level 90 busy?


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