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Capcom announces Breath of Fire 6 amid slew of online games


Capcom announced a whole load of online games for "mainly Japanese and Asian markets" this week, but one in particular stood out: Breath of Fire 6 for PC, iOS, and Android.

For a decade Capcom brought the JRPG series worldwide to consoles, including the SNES, PS1, and PS2, but has since restricted the series to Japan-only mobile games. Breath of Fire 6 is the series' first numbered entry since 2003, and the first of those not announced for a console. As for it heading west, Capcom told Eurogamer it's "currently undecided." Either way, the game comes to Japan in summer 2014.

Capcom's unveiled collection of upcoming online games also featured the previously announced Deep Down for PS4, and Monster Hunter Frontier G for PS3 and Wii U. As for the newly announced online games, they're mostly restricted to iOS and Android, and as Capcom stated aren't on the whole likely to be released outside of Japan and Asia.

You can see Capcom's released list of upcoming online games, along with their platforms and release dates in Japan and Asia, here.

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