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My Beastly ABCs comes to the iPhone


My Beastly ABCs debuted in the App Store at the end of last year and was an instant hit. The interactive storybook teaches kids their ABCs as they follow a boy (and some monsters) throughout a day. Available initially for the iPad, Duncan Studio recently released an update that brings this educational tool to the iPhone.

The iPhone version of My Beastly ABCs mirrors the iPad version, but is scaled for the iPhone's smaller landscape screen. The illustrations in My Beastly ABCS are eye-catching and the narration by Jim Dale is top notch. Some of the navigation elements are a bit small, especially on the iPhone, and the letters sometime take a back seat to the story, but that's what the parents are for. Sit down with your child, help them learn as they make their way through the tale and enjoy some quality time together.

My Beastly ABCs is available as a universal app and costs US$2.99 from the iOS App Store.

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