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Social browser app Rockmelt bought by Yahoo, pulled from App Store


Rockmelt, a social web browser that originally launched in 2009 and moved to mobile with an app in October of last year, has been bought by Yahoo for between US$60 and $70 million, according to AllThingsD. The app itself -- which was available as a free download -- was reportedly set to remain on the market until the end of August, but at the moment it appears to already have been removed. It could, of course, reappear...

Rockmelt's main draw was its promise to simplify web browsing by turning browsing into a personalized experience, complete with the ability to share pages with friends and tag them with various emoticons. Yahoo has been trying a number of different things in the past few years to become a staple in the mobile browsing space -- remember Axis? -- so we might see Rockmelt's vision for web browsing resurrected with a purple Y soon enough.

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