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Steam sale celebrates Quakecon with 45 discounted games


Quakecon, an annual PC gaming tournament and celebration of all things id Software, is going down this weekend in Dallas, Texas but if you weren't able to make the trek, Steam is offering a less expensive means to get in on the celebration. This weekend, up until August 5, Steam is discounting several games from Bethesda and id Software's catalogs.

The Doom series, Fallout games, The Elder Scrolls and Quake (obviously) series are all up for grabs on the cheap, available as individual downloads or in special predetermined bundles. Games from Bethesda's publishing side, like Rogue Warrior, Hunted: The Demon's Forge and Brink are also on sale. The Quakecon bundle, which includes all 45 of these eligible games, is priced at $90; the full list of what's up for grabs can be seen here.

At this year's show, id Software co-founder John Carmack's keynote mentioned that development for the Wii U and PS Vita was an "extremely unlikely" proposition. His three-hour talk addressed a number of topics, including next-generation consoles and how he doesn't expect "radically better games enabled because of the new capabilities on the consoles."

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