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Uncharted Waters Online launches its newest update, Tower of Babel

Eliot Lefebvre

Who's ready for another round of leveling in Uncharted Waters Online? Because that's what players are going to be doing with the game's latest update, as the level cap has been raised once again from 70 to 75. All characters at level 65 or higher can take part in the quests needed to unlock the highest tier of leveling, and that means more trading, more adventuring, and more fighting to approach the new cap.

Of course, new levels alone would make for a pretty anemic update, which is why the patch also features three new ships, new equipment, several new quests and discoveries, and new decorations for your dwelling. Players can also experiment with changes to several ship types and cultural contributions, both of which should freshen up the game experience. If you can't wait to dive in, the patch can be downloaded and played immediately.

[Source: Netmarble press release]

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