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Around Azeroth: Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer


"And now we come to those dog days of summer, when it's too hot to do anything but dream about cooler places," writes submitter Cleiti of Duskwood (US-H). "Sometimes my troll shaman dreams about the time she curled up next to Thrall, enjoying a nice cool breeze in Garadar while the warchief discussed family matters with his grandma. Sometimes she dreams of Thrall being warchief again, though she understands why he prefers a sleeveless shirt with a simple skirt and sandals in this heat. Other times, Cleiti dreams of rolling in the snow in the Storm Peaks - would it be cold and crunchy if she ate it? Once she dreamed of splashing in the Southfury River, just outside of Orgrimmar, and running back to Grommash Hold to shake her wet fur all over Garrosh. But her favorite dog-days dream is that when the weather cools off, Thrall will take one of those balls from around his neck and throw it at her so they can have a rousing game of fetch."

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