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Breakfast Topic: Do you train first aid anymore?


Poor ol' first aid. It's pretty obvious that this once-sensible skill has gone the way of the dodo. A recent article by Dan Desmond allowed readers to mull over what might be done to rescue the skill from irrelevancy, and while folks came up with some outstanding proposals, for now, we're left with bags full of bandages seemingly best suited for the vendor.

I knew the situation was bad when my latest handful of alts began banking their cloth drops from the get-go. Historically, I've at least made the attempt to get first aid off the ground. My efforts usually peter out somewhere along the wool/magecloth spectrum, when I outlevel my ability to farm up enough cloth to keep my skill current. It seems more than a little ridiculous to divert from leveling to farm cloth for a useless skill, and auction house prices for leveling-range cloth are utterly stupefying. By my most recent alt, I found I'd thrown in the towel (the bandage?) on first aid entirely -– I never even launched the skill.


Do you even try to train first aid anymore? Or have you mostly given up, your best intentions petering out in the face of the skill's irrelevance? Have you found first aid at all useful while leveling a non-healing character?

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