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Dog Days of Summer: Max versus the iPad


Max (short for Maximilian) the pug knows he's the most important thing in owner Jyri Jokirinta's life, so he gets a little bit jealous when Jokrinta pays more attention his iPad than to Max.

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As Jokrinta notes:

"When this picture was taken Max got wild. My wife took the picture and tried to catch the moment when Max was jumping over my tummy while I was browsing my Facebook.

Max the pug is a sneaky little pug. He always wants attention no matter what. If I try to have a relaxing time on my sofa with my iPad - Max goes wild. Not that I wouldn´t enjoy the 12 kilos Maximilian on my tummy but dude...give me some space will you."

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Thanks to TUAW reader Jyri Jokintra for these photos of his feisty pug Max!

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