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The After Math: Moto X edition


Welcome to The After Math, where we attempt to summarize this week's tech news through numbers, decimal places and percentages.

Motorola's got wood! Or at least that's what it said (and eventually unsaid) in conjunction with one of the most unique smartphone announcements we've ever seen. Not only is the Moto X almost literally one-of-a-kind, with its seemingly endless customization options and "assembled in the USA" status, but it's also not the hardware powerhouse you might expect from such a high-profile handset. Add to that Motorola's innuendo-laced marketing campaign and lack of a proper press conference to kick things off, and you've got yourself a healthy helping of digits for this week's After Math.

  • Press conferences held to announce Motorola's new flagship: 0
  • Screen size of the Moto X in inches: 4.7
  • Megapixels in the Moto X's rear-facing camera: 10
  • Megapixels in the Lumia 1020's rear-facing camera: 41
  • Color options for the Moto X: 18
  • Color options for the Galaxy S 4: 6
  • Color options for Apple's iPhone: 2
  • Maximum GB's of internal storage in the Moto X: 32
  • Maximum GB's of internal storage in Apple's iPhone: 64
  • Number of sexual innuendos in the original Moto X marketing campaign: 3
  • Number of references to feminist literature in the same: 1
  • Q2 2013 operating loss of Google's Motorola division in millions of dollars: $342
  • Price Google paid for Motorola in billions of dollars in 2012: $12.5
  • Number of Moto X's you could buy on contract for that amount: 62,814,070

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