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Comcast rumored to have new, less punitive anti-piracy measure in the works


The Copyright Alert System, more popularly known as the "six strikes" policy, hasn't exactly received a warm welcome thanks to the disciplinary measures it calls for (like throttled connection speeds). According to Variety, Comcast is currently developing a new way of dealing with piracy that's arguably less punitive than CAS. In the proposed system, users that have been flagged for illegal downloads via peer-to-peer file sharing services or using the BitTorrent protocol would be provided with links to legal means of accessing the same content through Comcast's own Xfinity service or third party providers like Amazon. Unlike CAS, this system doesn't seem to focus on penalties so much as it would gently nudge subscribers towards legal options. While it's not likely that the program is intended to replace CAS, it could potentially signal a shift away from an unpopular policy. Though little information is known about Comcast's plans at this time, we'll keep you posted as we learn more.

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