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'The Last of Us' multiplayer has less gore in Europe


Your nail bomb will have a slightly less dramatic result when you toss it in a UK match of The Last of Us multiplayer, as Naughty Dog confirmed the European version of the game will be slightly different than its North and South American counterparts, reports Eurogamer.

While North America can happily blow opponents limb from limb (or head from torso), Europe will have no such luck, as the gore has been dialed down for the region. Attacks that would result in an exploding head in US multiplayer just get a blood spurt in the Euro game. This thread on the PlayStation forum showcases regional differences.

Germany's fairly strict requirements with regard to depictions of violence seem to be to blame for the changes. A user going by the name of "Ramify" posted on the Naughty Dog forums, providing several examples of the visual discrepancies, and received an email reply from "EvangM," which said, "The gore and violence ratings are subject to local regulatory boards in various countries, so the game must be slightly changed in order to accommodate those choices."

At this point, it seems a little bizarre to be breaking down the difference between an exploding head and a gushing head wound - pretty sure they're both fatal - but it's not difficult to understand why some players are upset about buying "censored" content, especially if they picked up a Season Pass before any of the changes came to light.

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