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WoW Insider Round Table: The Timeless Isle


In a special Geek Week edition, the WoW Insider Round Table is taking on the Timeless Isle. This new zone, located to the south-east of Pandaria, is a max-level content area, crawling with rares, chests, puzzles, gear and exciting items for all and sundry. The Round Table, this week comprising of Matt Low, Olivia Grace and Sarah Pine, had all been out on the new island, soaking up the scenery and enjoying the sights it had to show them.

They discussed, variously, the new rares, the breadcrumb and exploration quests on the new island, the lore quiz content, the many, many ways to get the Timeless Isle's new currency, what you could spend it on, the drops that you could get from mobs to gear alts, and much much more of all the content the Isle has to offer.

We hope you enjoyed the WoW Insider Round Table, and as ever if you have any suggestions for future topics or specific questions for the panelists, let us know!

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