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Humble Deep Silver Bundle adds Metro 2033, Sacred Citadel, Risen


The Humble Deep Silver Bundle recruits Metro 2033, Sacred Citadel and Risen today. These new additions are free for anyone who's already purchased the bundle, while new customers must pay over the average price (currently just shy of $5) for the trio.

Calling the Humble Deep Silver bundle successful is perhaps an understatement: It has sold over 340,000 bundles and earned in excess of $1.6 million since its introduction last week. The pay-what-you-want lineup consists of Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition, Saints Row 2, Sacred 2: Gold Edition, Risen 2: Dark Waters and Saints Row: The Third and all its Full Package DLC. Paying more than $25 also secures a copy of Dead Island: Riptide.

The Humble Deep Silver Bundle has little less than a week to go before closing its virtual doors. It's also worth noting that these games are provided as Steam codes, so you'll need Valve's digital distribution platform to run them.

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