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If world-famous photos were taken with iPhones


With the proliferation of smartphones, nearly everyone these days is a de facto photographer, ready to take a snapshot at a moment's notice. Indeed, one of Apple's best commercials in recent memory highlights the popularity of the iPhone as a means to take and share photos with friends and loved ones.

The "everyone is a photographer" age is relatively new, but what if that weren't the case? Tackling this hypothetical, the nuttycombe tumblr blog put up some photos depicting a really cool concept -- what would historic photos look like if they were taken by iPhones?

Pictured above and to the right is the historic shot of Harry Truman holding up the famous "Dewey defeats Truman" newspaper headline, as seen through the hypothetical lens of an iPhone, with a filter of course.

Check out some more photos from a time-traveling iPhone over here.

It's actually a fun game to play, sprucing up old and historic photos with modern-day photo effects.

I gave it a whirl and changed this famous black-and-white shot of the Kennedy brothers into an Instagram-esque shot.

If worldfamous photos were taken with iPhones

If you have a historic photo in mind that you think would be particularly interesting from the vantage point of an iPhone, please drop em' in the comments!

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