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Nintendo 3DS update brings you more Mii Plaza pals with StreetPass Relay


Though StreetPass has proven to be extremely popular, you're much less likely to directly cross a fellow Nintendo 3DS user stateside than in the console's home country of Japan. But thanks to a new update, you'll now be able to pick up Mii avatar buddies via StreetPass Relay. When a 3DS user crosses a Nintendo Zone hotspot, their data is automatically stored and passed on to another 3DS owner who hits the same relay point. You'll find them in North America at Best Buy, Simon malls, Future Shop and AT&T WiFi hotpots located in Starbucks, McDonald's and Barnes & Noble. That'll help you scoop up friends to play new Mii Plaza games Mii Force, Flower Town, Warrior's Way and Monster Manor. They sold to the tune of $4 million in their first month, meaning you should have more potential players than ever hanging around your gate.

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