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Five fact-filled apps for Shark Week


It's Shark Week -- that time of the year when sharks take center stage on the Discovery Channel and beyond. This year's shows have been marred by the Megalodon controversy, but that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy learning about the shark species. Below you will find five shark-related apps to supplement your knowledge of the finned fish.

Discovery Kids Sharks [iPad; Category: Education; $4.99]

A fact-filled app from Discovery that teaches children about sharks. The app also includes interactive games and digital trading cards.

Expedition White Shark for iPad [iPad; Category: Education; $3.99]

Expedition White Shark allows you to receive near real time Great White Shark tracking data thanks to the scientists at the Marine Conservation Science Institute (MCSI). Data is collected from tagged sharks when they surface and are relayed via satellite to MCSI.

Discovery Kids Readers: Sharks [iOS Universal; Category: Books; $1.99]

Discovery Kids Readers: Sharks brings sharks to the little ones in your household. The book includes vivid photographs, fun facts and a quiz. Targeted for children 4 to 8 years old.

Shark Net - Predators of the Blue Serengeti [iPhone; Category: Education; Free]

Another shark-tracking app that allows you to follow sharks as they migrate off the coast of California. Data is compiled from the collaborative shark research of Stanford University scientists and the GTOPP -- the Global Tagging of Pacific Predators project.

Learn Sharks Now! [iOS Universal; Category: Education; Free]

Learn Sharks Now! includes 30 shark cards with pictures and facts about our this fish. A quiz mode will test your knowledge of the shark.

And one bonus app for you gamers out there!

Hungry Shark Evolution [iOS Universal; Category: Games; Free]

Play as a shark and feed on sea creatures, swimmers and fisherman. Eat and grow from a pup into a full-grown Great White Shark.

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