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'Let's Build a Doujin Bundle' combines anime and altruism (plus, giveaways!)

Jordan Mallory

For the next six days, Portland-based bundling site Groupees is hosting a name-your-own-price indie anime ("doujin") game sale to benefit the Japanese Red Cross' earthquake relief efforts.

"Let's Build a Doujin Bundle" allows folks to create their own bundle by selecting any combination of at least two of the seven games available: Cherry Tree High Comedy Club, Ether Vapor Remaster, War of the Human Tanks, Yousei, Yatagarasu, Croixleur and Cafe 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~.

The bundle's minimum price fluctuates based on the number of games selected, with two games requiring at least $1.50 and all seven necessitating $4.50. Bonuses are unlocked as more bundles are sold, including soundtracks and extra games that don't affect the bundle's minimum cost. Twenty percent of proceeds will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross for every person that clicks the "Donate to charity" checkbox when making their order.

But wait, there's more! Groupees has given us 20 fully-stocked bundles to give away to you, our beloved readers. We will be randomly posting links to redeem the bundles on our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages over the next couple of days – there will be no rhyme or reason to when or where the links will be posted, so follow/like us at all three places to maximize your chances of success!

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