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Patch 5.4 PTR: New music added


In last night's PTR patch, there were several additions, but as a huge fan of the World of Warcraft music, one of the most exciting additions by far was that of a bunch of new sounds to add to you WoW music collection.

In his inimitable way, Stevan of Adriacraft has combined separate files together and created a playlist of all thirteen "tracks", which you can listen to above. There are some real treats in there, with a lean away from the Mists of Pandaria soundtrack's very pastoral feel into something darker and exhibiting a greater sense of foreboding.

It's not clear just yet quite what these tracks will be used for, whether they'll just be ambient music in the background of the new zones, or whether they will be exclusively in the raid, or what. My favorite so far is track three of Stevan's playlist, the second track within there, named For the Pandaren Alliance. It's a take on the existing Alliance theme but with such a melancholy, wistful feel, thanks in no small part to the pandaren-esque influence of the instruments. What's yours?

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