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TUAW TV Live: Technical Difficulties Episode


What's the most annoying technical glitch you've ever run into? Have you ever found yourself cursing loudly at your "favorite" Internet Service Provider? Are you tired of apps that suddenly crash for no reason after they've been working just fine for months? Today on TUAW TV Live, I will dish on the crashes, bombs and flat-out customer service screwups that make me furious. Co-host Shawn "Doc Rock" Boyd is busy remaking Joe Versus the Volcano (don't ask...).

To join in to watch the live feed and participate in the chat, just click here or click that image you see at the top of this post. You'll join us on the AOL On Network. If you can't watch the entire show today, come back to this page within 24 hours to see the video below or visit to see the latest show. Past shows are also available on the TUAW YouTube channel.

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