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What does your name say about you?


Choosing a character name is, for some players at least, an important part of creating their identity within the game. It becomes the thing they're called in their guild, in the world, in instances. It holds the key to their character's feel, to their character's story, if they're into RP, and more. If you're not into RP, and don't play on RP servers, your name still holds weight and value. It's still how you choose to identify yourself to the world.

So what does your name say about you? Not necessarily just one, either, you can have several different names that say things about your characters, or about yourself to others. Take me, for example. I used to always go for names which were adaptations of my own, so Liv, Olivia, Livvy, that sort of thing. Then I had a sea change a fair while back, not sure what brought it on, and the Olivia-names had to go. I wanted, instead, names that reflected the characters more than me. So, for example, the priest became Lumius, a sort of bastardization of the Latin for "light". It seemed more fitting, more appropriate, more involved. It said that I was a more serious player, perhaps, than the old name. I like Latin-ish names, they make me feel clever and serious, and reflect that to the world.

But then I recently called my mage Totesamage. Because it made me laugh. And that portrays a different side to the community around me, it says I'm a bit of a joker, messing around perhaps. And that's reflective of the fact that the priest is used for Serious Things far more than the mage. The mage just blows stuff up.

How about you then? What do your names say about you to the world? Why did you pick them? I use the randomizer for new toons now, until I get one I like. It's all too hard!

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