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Below, Super TIME Force will be multi-platform after 'a period of time'

Xav de Matos, @Xav

Capybara Games has revealed that both Below and Super T.I.M.E. Force - announced for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, respectively - will arrive on non-Microsoft platforms after an undisclosed period of exclusivity.

"Like many games on stage at E3, Below will be available on the Xbox One first. Then, after a period of time, CAPY can bring it elsewhere. It's always been this way," Capy's Nathan Vella and Kris Piotrowski revealed in a blog post today.

Below was introduced to the world onstage during Microsoft's televised E3 2013 press briefing. Since it had been revealed prior to Microsoft's decision to allow self-publishing, Below will be published with Microsoft as its partner.

"Us working with Microsoft [on Below] happened in some degree because of our relationship with them through Super T.I.M.E. Force," Capy Creative Director Kris Piotrowski told Joystiq last week at Torontaru July, a new monthly meet-up for game players and developers in Toronto, Canada.

Microsoft is also set to publish Super T.I.M.E. Force, after awarding Capy the sponsored 'XBLA Award' during the 2012 Independent Games Festival awards in March 2012. As part of the award, Microsoft offered a publishing deal to bring the game to the Xbox 360's digital storefront.

"At CAPY, our goal has always been simple: Create unique, beautiful video games that we love... and bring them wherever there is an audience (and ideally, a great controller) to play them. This is our goal with Below. This is our goal with Super TIME Force. This will be our goal with whatever crazy idea we do next," the developer's blog post added.

Below, Super TIME Force timedexclusive for Microsoft platforms
"We know a bunch of people at Microsoft and we love working with them and we got on board with Xbox One before anything was known about it. Basically it was an extension of a relationship we were already building. It was a really epic thing to be on stage. It's a big way to reveal a game for sure. It felt surreal. For us as a studio, knowing where we came from, to suddenly find ourselves at E3 as a part of a console reveal was something I never thought would happen. That was just a big, giant, crazy thing that was just hard to even understand. Watching that E3 feed was just so much bigger than us," Piotrowski added.

Piotrowski commended Microsoft changing its stance on its original self-publishing policy for the Xbox One, saying: "It's great to see the doors just swinging open for independent developers - developers in general. With the next wave of consoles and devices, it seems like any way you turn, the sort of trends that iTunes and Steam have laid down, the foundation that they laid in stone that both the developers and the audience really appreciate, the big console makers like Microsoft and Sony respond to that and try to normalize their approach to things to those things."
[Additional reporting: Michael Brown]

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