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Breakfast Topic: How long has it been since you played your original WoW character?


I log in to my original WoW character, the one I created as my first main on the very first day of release, on a fairly regular basis. She doesn't actually go adventuring anymore; instead, she stars in many of my favorite WoW Insider header images. For starters, she's my Drama Mamas persona. She's run a muddy path in the snow in front of Ironforge to demonstrate strafing and movement techniques. She's painted on a brave smile and shown the world the horror of her monstrous night elf hands. She's gotten cozy with her beloved warrior, sparkled her way across gear discussions, departed for greener pastures, surveyed the skies of Azeroth, and made bolts and bolts of mooncloth. (Whew, that last one was way back in the day!) It's fair to say I still see this young lady not infrequently.

Maybe you still play your original WoW character, but I'm betting many of you don't even remember which one it was. Is your original character long deleted? Does he or she languish in the dark recesses of some long-forgotten realm where you no longer play? How long has it been since you actually played your original character, and do you ever stop by just to say hello?

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