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Mercenary Kings strategy guide could conquer your coffee table


Creative promotional house Off Base Productions wants to self-publish a premium strategy guide for Mercenary Kings, as the first in a series of guides for top-tier independent games. To make this happen, Off Base has teamed up with developer Tribute Games and they have until September 3 to raise $65,000 on Kickstarter. Three days in, the Mercenary Kings Master Codex project has $7,000.

Today's market for strategy guides is different than the Nintendo Power days, and Off Base recognizes this. It envisions these guides as high-end, collectible pieces on par with fancy comic book compendiums, inspired by Japanese-style guides and fan-made projects such as the Mother 3 Handbook.

Interested parties can snag digital versions of the Mercenary Kings Master Codex by pledging $5, and both digital and physical editions for $20. Throwing down $40 or more gets the limited edition variant cover, limited to 1,000 copies. Thrown into the rewards tiers are art prints, posters, patches, an artbook and more goodies.

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