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Mu Rebirth second beta celebration starts today

Jef Reahard

Webzen wants you to know about its second beta celebration for Mu Rebirth. What is Mu Rebirth? It's an MMORPG based on the "classic gaming style" of the original Mu, albeit this time with a heaping helping of PvP.

The game features 400 levels (no, really), but Webzen says that players can go from one to 400 in "just one to two hours" (again, really) in order to facilitate the game's focus on player-vs.-player battles. Webzen is also promising to deliver daily events run by GMs "recruited from all over the world."

The second beta celebration runs through August 21st, after which Webzen will announce details of Mu's open beta. Oh yeah, we've also tucked a teaser trailer after the break.

[Source: Webzen press release]

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