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New Soviet, German, and Chinese armor slated for World of Tanks 8.8 [Updated]

Jef Reahard

Need more Soviet armor in your World of Tanks? Wargaming's 8.8 patch is for you, then, as it's going to add several new German, Chinese, and Soviet machines to the instanced battler. There's a whole new branch of Soviet armor starting at tier six and including the A-43, A-44, the Object 416, and the Object 140. German players will get a tier four DW heavy chariot and a tier six VK3002 (M) medium tank. Chinese tank fans can look forward to a new medium tier eight T-34-3 and a tier eight 112 heavy tank.

Wargaming is also prepping the new wintry Tundra battle arena for the 8.8 patch. No release date has been announced just yet.

[Source: press release]

[Update: Wargaming has let us know about more goodies incoming for German player, including "the transformation of the VK3001H heavy tank to Tier 5, where it will undergo rebalancing and become a heavy tank, just as the VK3601H. Tank fans will also find that the new battle arena, Tundra, falls under the Autumn season marking the transition to the cold and wintery season approaching."]

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