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Firefall open beta weekend includes dev-hosted missons


Been dying to try out Firefall but have had the worst luck obtaining a beta key? Sir or madam, this weekend is for you (and everyone else). Red 5 is kicking off the first of Firefall's open beta events with a weekend packed full of activities and specials.

The open beta weekend begins today at 8:00 p.m. EDT and continues until Sunday at the same time. During the weekend, players will enjoy a 2X bonus to all Crystite drops, easier access to Firefall's newer zones, and discounts on battleframe unlocks.

Red 5's devs will also be hosting missions through the five-man Blackwater Anomaly. If you're able to get in on one of these instance runs, you'll be treated to special rewards and be able to tell your jealous friends and family that you rubbed shoulders with developer royalty.

[Source: Red 5 press release]

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