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Google open sources two Web Lab experiments ahead of shutdown this Sunday (video)


Google's Web Lab exhibition has had a decent run at London's Science Museum, but all of that web-linked hardware is being packed up for good after the doors are closed this Sunday. Google's hoping that at least some of it will live on, though, and has teamed up with research and design firm Tellart to open source two of its most popular experiments. Those include the Universal Orchestra, which lets you control a robotic band from the convenience of your web browser, and the Sketchbot, which is a robotic arm that can sketch your face in sand. Of course, since they're open source, you can put your own twist on the projects if you have some other ideas, and Google notes that it's providing software-only versions as well for those lacking the necessary hardware skills. You can see both in action in the videos after the break, and find all the code you need to get started at the source links below.

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