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Did the unannounced LG Optimus L9 II just sneak past the FCC?

Jamie Rigg , @jmerigg

We've heard not a peep about a potential successor to LG's Optimus L9 since a couple of pics popped up on @evleaks at the beginning of June. The Optimus L9 II -- or just L9 II if recent naming conventions apply -- remains unannounced, but we've reason to believe it's just broken cover at the FCC. A device going by the codename LG-D605 passed certification today, and although we can't be sure it's the L9 II, that model number has previously been linked to the handset, if only in a mysterious GFXBench result. No LTE bands were tested, and a mention of FeliCa NFC technology means this particular variant is almost certainly intended for the Japanese market. Beyond confirmation of a removable battery, there's nothing else to glean from the filing, but it could indicate that the G2 won't be LG's newest new phone much longer.

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