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Ouya giving $1 million to Kickstarters through Free the Games Fund


Ouya has launched its Free the Games Fund initiative, which seeks to match contributions for burgeoning Kickstarter campaigns that meet a $50,000 threshold, up to a ceiling of $250,000, from a pool of $1 million.

Those seeking fund-matching through Ouya must meet submission guidelines by contacting the console manufacturer prior to initiating the Kickstarter drive, which can run anywhere after August 9, 2013 until August 10, 2014, and agree to six-month exclusivity.

Eligible games will get a quarter of their cash once the Kickstarter campaign has ended, then half of the promised total once the game launches on Ouya. The remaining quarter of owed payment will be granted after that six-month exclusivity has expired. The qualifying game that raises the most cash through Kickstarter will receive an additional $100,000 on top of what Ouya has agreed to match.

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