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Google loads up non-assertion pledge with 79 more patents

Nicole Lee, @nicole

In an attempt to live up to its age-old motto to not be evil, Google has just added 79 more patents to its Open Patent Non-Assertion (OPN) Pledge. Enacted in March of this year, the pact was designed to encourage open-source software development, and consists of patents the Mountain View company won't use to sue anyone unless first attacked. While the first set of patents had to deal with large data sets, these additional ones were acquired from IBM and CA Technologies and consist of software used to run data centers, such as middleware and distributed database management. The technologies included in the OPN Pledge has so far been of the back-end variety, but the search giant claims that it'll add more consumer-facing patents to the pledge in the future. Google might not ever be completely free from the dark side, but gestures like these could go a long way in earning good will -- especially in an age of heavy back-to-back lawsuits. For those who want to delve head-first into the legalese, hit up the patent link below.

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