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SWTOR update 2.4 preview from Chicago cantina tour


The BioWare community team and Lead Designer Jesse Sky traveled to Wizard World ComicCon last week to give fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic a taste of the new upcoming content. The developers announced that, besides the arena PvP content, Update 2.4 will introduce players to two brand-new operations centering around the planet Oricon, the planet where the Dread Masters have been rumored to be hiding. Developers also gave every fan attendee a thumb drive containing concept art and screenshots from the planet.

If you are on the SWTOR mailing list, then you saw the teaser about the new Varactyl mount coming soon. The cantina crawlers in Chicago received a couple of screenshots and a video of the new mount, which we have featured after the break.

And one more rumor coming directly from our tipster in the field: Jesse Sky said that although we will never see actual sitting in chairs due to coding issues, we will see an emote that will make our characters look as if they are sitting very soon.

[Thanks to Mike from Nefarious Intent for the tips!]

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New Varactyl Mount Coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic

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