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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup wants to be the very best

This week's announcement of the Mega Evolutions found in Pokémon X/Y shook the very foundations of our childhood. Certain Pokémon can evolve during battle before returning to their normal state? What is this, Digimon?

As unexpected as it was, it's still great to see the Pokémon series try some new elements that are noticeable to more than just its hardcore following. Pokémon Black/White's rotation battles were interesting, but it still seems like Pokémon Gold/Silver's introduction of eggs, genders, dual battles and a quest spanning two regions was the biggest shake-up the series has ever seen. As amazing as those games were, they're 13 years old and we'd be happy to see them bested by the incoming X/Y. Now all we need is Pokémon Snap 2, Pokémon Stadium 3 (Pokémon Battle Revolution did not count) and a proper 3D Pokémon adventure and it'll feel like we never left grade school. Well, except for the disgusting absence of recess.

Recount your favorite Pokémon memories with us after you read last week's webcomics and vote for your favorite after the jump!

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