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Metroid-inspired Ghost Song gets Wii U stretch goal

The 2D, Metroid-inspired adventure Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope has received a $60,000 Wii U stretch goal now that its Kickstarter has surpassed the $15,000 goal for Mac and PC versions.

Ghost Song will take place on Lorian V, a moon riddled with the mutated corpses and ghosts of past explorers. Ghosts are freed from existence once their physical remains are destroyed, a mercy the game's protagonist is determined to distribute.

Ghost Song Lead Matt White cites Super Metroid as an influence to its gameplay and Dark Souls as a reassurance that hiding interesting areas behind trick walls is actually okay. Despite the latter influence, the game's Kickstarter page describes a "tough but fair" mentality with "optional areas that may be a bit harder."

At the time of this writing, Ghost Song has obtained $22,618 of its initial $15,000 goal. The Kickstarter campaign will conclude on September 4.

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