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Fruit Ninja, Open Me! squeeze onto Vita this week


There are a couple of Vita surprises in this week's PSN update for North America, surprise being a befitting quality for both. As revealed on the PlayStation Blog, sales phenomenon Fruit Ninja will creep onto the Sony portable's PS Store tomorrow, joined by augmented reality puzzler Open Me!.

Details on the Vita's version of slice-and-dicer Fruit Ninja are currently sparse, maybe indicating a fairly straight port of the iOS and Android HD iterations. We've reached out to developer Halfbrick Studios for more info.

As for Open Me!, we knew it was coming to North America sometime this year, having first been unveiled in Japan last year. We went hands-on with the curious game at last year's Tokyo Games Show, grappling with how to pry open its AR-displayed boxes, locked away by puzzles guarded with vicious-looking traps - think Fireproof's The Room, but meaner.

Open Me! also has a co-op mode for two Vitas, each player seeing and interacting with the same AR puzzle but from their own perspective. As for what secrets are locked within the boxes of Open Me!, we've no idea - maybe it's more godly powers.

The PlayStation Blog also confirmed the rest of this week's PSN releases, which we'll briefly run through. Payday 2, Mars: War Logs, Thunder Wolves and Ducktales Remastered are all headed to PS3, while the Vita also gets Breakquest freemium follow-up Extra Evolution, and old-school puzzler A-Men, finally coming to North America after being available in Europe since the Vita's launch in February 2012.

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