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League of Legends American Express debit cards get RP for purchases


American Express is launching League of Legends-branded pre-paid debit cards that give customers Riot Points, in-game currency, with their use. It's kismet – Riot Games wants to make it easier for you to spend money in League of Legends, and American Express wants to make it easier for you to spend money period, as long as that cash comes from its accounts.

Card holders will get 1,000 RP for signing up, 1,000 RP the first time they load up $20, 10,000 RP with the first direct deposit of $20 or more and 1,000 for their first 10 purchases. League of Legends cards come with images of Teemo, Vi, Lux, Twisted Fate, the Summoner's Cup or the game's logo. Ads for the cards will start popping up on Wednesday on the League of Legends Championship Series website, The New York Times reports.

This isn't American Express' first foray into the digital gaming world – in November it launched a program that rewarded account holders for finishing Halo 4. And you thought Steam was the only reason to hide your wallet in the freezer.

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