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Is Rockstar announcing a GTA MMO?

MJ Guthrie

If you've been sitting back just waiting for a look at an online version of Grand Theft Auto, you'll have to wait a little longer... but at least not much! Rockstar Games has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto Online is on its way. The announcement, however, is just a teaser that the premiere of the game, along with a gameplay trailer and previews, will be incoming on Thursday, August 15th.

The move to an official online version is not unexpected. Back in January, the voice chat update brought the franchise one step closer to MMO-dom. We've even done an impressions piece on a multiplayer version of GTA San Andreas. And last month, Massively mused on the possibility of an MMO after noting some online features in the reveal trailer for GTA V. But will GTA Online be an actual MMO, or will it just be a multiplayer lobby for GTA V? The answer may be forthcoming Thursday.

[Thanks to Dengar for the tip]

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