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Lend your ears to Guild Wars 2's Queen's Speech update

Anatoli Ingram

Have you been aching for clues as to what ArenaNet has in store for the first anniversary of Guild Wars 2? We've received word that Queen Jennah is preparing to deliver her state of the nation address to the citizens of Kryta, but ArenaNet isn't ready to spoil what might happen next. The answer to whether Tyrians should await further developments with anticipation or dread may literally be up in the air.

Players, on the other hand, have plenty to look forward to: As characters created at launch reach their first birthdays, they'll receive a gift in the form of a miniature Queen Jennah, a 24-hour birthday booster item, and an experience scroll. Completion of the event meta-achievement will award an infinite watchknight tonic that will allow you to turn into one of Jennah's spooky clockwork gynoids whenever your heart desires.

Other features include a new trebuchet mastery trait line and Healing Oasis skill in World vs. World, as well as an increase to the rate of world experience gain. From August 23rd, the Black Lion Trading Company will run a 10-day sale during which limited weapon skins and items from the past year will be available for purchase.

The Queen's Speech update goes live on August 20th, and GW2 will mark its one-year anniversary on August 28th.

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