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Stylish adventure game Candle meets funding goal, announced for Wii U


Spanish indie dev Teku Studios has reached its $40,000 crowdfunding goal for Candle, a cinematic adventure game slated for release next year for PC platforms.

Inspired by classics like Out of This World and the Oddworld series, Candle blends the mechanics of a side-scrolling platformer with the puzzle-solving focus of a graphic adventure game. The game's main character, Teku, is equipped with a candle, which he can use to illuminate dark areas and solve light-based puzzles.

Teku Studios announced today that Candle is also coming to the Wii U as a downloadable eShop release.

"We are already thinking about dedicated gameplay on Wii U - we are not doing any kind of quick port," Teku Studios confirmed. "We will design specific gameplay features for its gamepad: all the menus, inventory and minigames will be tactile-controled on the touchscreen, as well as other unique actions concerning Teku's candle."

Candle currently seeks community approval at Steam Greenlight.

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