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Thomas Was Alone dev announces Metal Gear-craft game, Volume


The next game from Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell has a colorful, blocky look to it, but it certainly isn't another rectangle platformer. The British developer unveiled the long-teased 'Project 2' as Volume today, a top-down stealth game evocative, at least visually, of a minimalist Metal Gear Solid. The twist is Volume features a level editor that allows players to create and share their own stealthy concoctions.

Volume's story is centered around a criminal who doesn't kill, instead using his stealthy powers to steal. Bithell plans to reveal more about the plot at the UK's GameCity event in October, but previously told us Volume features "a very strong authored story," once again written by himself.

The level editor looks to be the other big part of Volume. Today's debut trailer links to an initial video previewing it, in which Bithell quickly creates a level with props, enemies, and environmental triggers. Each area of Volume can be edited and added to: "The community are free to take the game in any direction they want, even releasing their own takes on the core levels," reads the game's newly-unveiled site.

It seems likely Volume's editor will include narrative tools, too. Bithell previously said he felt one of Thomas Was Alone's big issues was that players couldn't make their own in-game stories, and that he plans to rectify that with Volume.

"It's one of the most requested features on Thomas: 'Can I have a level editor? Can I have a story editor so I can tell my own stories with this engine?' So I want to do that as well, I want to make a game that allows people to tell their own stories," he told us.

Volume is scheduled for next year, platforms due to be announced shortly. Bithell has said he can't see it not coming to PC, and his
Twitter timeline suggests it may come to PS4, too.

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