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Clipr 2.0 adds web access to clipboard history with Pro upgrade

Nicole Lee, @nicole

Clipboard manager apps are nothing new, but the feature that intrigued us most about Clipr for Mac back when it debuted in April was the ability to send copied notes directly to our phone via SMS. Now there's a 2.0 version, which lets you ship those notes to the newly launched website as well. Just as you would with Evernote or other note-sharing apps, you'll need to register your credentials on the site and then login to start syncing. As for the aforementioned SMS capabilities, the messages generated are now cleaner and cruft-free, which developer Eric Mann says leads to a better appearance on smartwatches like the Pebble. Mann also tells us that once the SMS feature is set up, you can configure Pebble's app to pass all text messages directly to the watch. Do note that just like with the SMS feature, you'll need to cough up $0.99 extra for the Pro version before you can gain access to web clippings. Check after the break to see a video of how Clipr works, or you could just download it from the source below.

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