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EBay Deals ranks top tablets based on how you feel about them


In an attempt to further educate would-be tablet buyers on which tablets carry the most weight with consumers, EBay Deals has taken a rather exhaustive look at a variety of different social and retail metrics. As you can imagine, the iPad's dominant market share made the contest rather one-sided in some cases, but there are still some pretty interesting tidbits to be gleaned here.

For starters, in a ranking of tablets based on the number of views each device received in "review" and "unboxing" videos, Google's Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 lead the charge, with the iPad mini coming in fourth and the standard iPad landing in eighth place. This result is likely skewed by the fact that only the first 500 videos for each tablet were counted for views, and the iPad has been around much longer than the relatively new Google Nexus slates.

Perhaps the most interesting results came from a pair of measurements of how many tablet users "love" their devices. To examine this, the number of Twitter search results for the phrase "I love my [tablet]" were tallied. In this case, the iPad came in first, followed by the Kindle Fire and then the iPad mini, with Google's Nexus 10 and the Galaxy Note on its tail.

For an even more accurate ranking of tablet adoration, 10,000 tweets about each device were collected and then analyzed for sentiment, whether positive, negative or unclear. Perhaps surprisingly, the iPad mini took the top spot, with the Kindle Fire again coming in second and -- brace yourself -- the BlackBerry PlayBook in third. The iPad landed in fourth place followed by the Nexus 7. For a full rundown of the results in several more categories, hit up EBay Deals.

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