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Pokemon Rumble U figures available in UK at GAME


UK trainers can capture (with money) Pokemon Rumble U NFC figures at GAME, which has exclusive rights to them in the UK, much like GameStop does in the US. Players can scan the figures using the Wii U to put Pokemon into the game, a la Skylanders.

It was initially unclear if the figures would make it in time for the game's UK launch today, but GAME has them on sale at £4 a pop. The retailer also offers a £20 Rumble U special edition, bundling together an eShop code for the game, a double-sided poster, and two figures: one black or white Kyurem and a "mystery" figure.

The standalone game is priced £13.49 at both GAME and on the eShop; as a friendly reminder, the figures aren't needed to play the game (but who are we kidding, if you want the game, you want the figures). As for North America, Pokemon Rumble U heads there in two weeks' time on August 29, with the game priced at $18 and the figures $4 each.

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