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Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs sn-out in September


Amnesia indirect sequel A Machine for Pigs is set to finally freak out on September 10, priced at a 20 percent off pre-order tag of $16 on GOG. The follow-up to The Dark Descent was first slated for around this time last year, but saw delays as the PC, Mac, and Linux survival horror grew from a "short experiment" into a "fully fledged Amnesia game."

A Machine for Pigs carries on Amnesia's brand of first-person scares, with development in the hands of Dear Esther studio The Chinese Room, with Dark Descent dev Frictional Games handling publishing duties. The second Amnesia is set in 1899, some 60 years after the first game, this time focusing on a business magnate who returns to Victorian London after encountering tragedy abroad - and we doubt it was food poisoning.

The Chinese Room isn't just working on A Machine for Pigs; the British studio has signed up with an unnamed "major publisher" on a next-gen console game, due summer 2015.

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