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Apple looking to fill more than 200 new positions in China


Apple has a good chunk of the consumer electronics market in the developed world, with the company's flagship iPhone and iPad products still flying off the shelves. But there's still a lot of the world -- in particular Brazil, Russia, India and China -- where the company can make huge inroads. Apple appears to be turning its attention to China, with more than 200 job openings appearing in the last several weeks on LinkedIn.

With the Chinese government and state-run media focusing on environmental and workplace issues at Foxconn facilities where Apple products are manufactured, and attacks earlier this year over warranty policies that allegedly discriminated against Chinese customers, the company has obviously decided to put assets on the ground to keep an eye on things.

The advertised openings included a number of Supplier Responsibility positions, as well as an Environmental Affairs Program Manager. Apple is also hiring senior engineers in Taiwan, which has led to some speculation that the company is considering opening a new R&D facility in the island nation to focus on iPhone product development.

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