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Hearthstone closed beta has begun in the Americas


Just what the title says, everyone! Blizzard has officially announced the beginning of their closed beta testing for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft in the Americas. Apologies to the rest of the world, but there doesn't seem to be a concrete date yet for the closed beta's beginning in any other region. Once we know, we won't be quiet about it, of course!

If you haven't yet but would like to have a shot at the closed beta, you can do so either by logging into your account and heading to the Beta Profile page, where you can elect to opt-in. After that you'll have to wait for an invite, which will be delivered via email. If you do receive an invite, it will also appear on your account, so you can check there too. Anyone in the comments gotten one yet? Just curious!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, there is no NDA for this closed beta. None, nada, zip. Film your matches and broadcast them to the world, take screenshots, write detailed blog posts, go nuts. Just remember to report bugs so the Hearthstone team can get on them. Good luck to those of you who are hoping for an invite, let us know how it goes!

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